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WP Smart Tools 3.0, combined with the powerful WordPress framework, allows you to easily create powerful fake news and fake blog landing pages quickly. These are the most effective affiliate marketing websites available, but the flexibility of the WP Smart Tools package lets you build high-converting review landers (complementing any of the existing review packages wonderfully), product sales pages, and content sites.

Easy to use.

Through complete integration with WordPress, WP Smart Tools makes use of the powerful WordPress administration area to simplify landing page design. Put simply: you'll have no difficulty setting up Smart Tools powered flogs, fake news sites, and other landing pages quickly. The package comes with complete documentation and a getting started guide.

Add Dynamic Dates Anywhere Within WordPress

You can easily add relative dates to any point in time anywhere within any WordPress post, page or theme. You can use this to create a believable sense of urgency (like "order by [tomorrow] and get a $20 discount"), or to keep content appearing new and fresh ("Written [yesterday]..."). Furthermore, you can publish these dates in any format you want - 10 standard formats, like January 1st, 2009, 01/01/09, or 7:45pm Thursday, January 1st, 2009 are included with just a click of the mouse and you can specify your own easily. Doing holiday-specific promotions? Easily make use of any U.S. or international holidays dates. Accurate to the second or as generic as the year, you can use as many distinct dates as you want on your site.

Insert Geotargeted Locations

In just one-click embed your user's location in any level of detail — city, country or state, even latitude, longitude, or state acronym — anywhere within WordPress. This allows you to write content which appears to be relevant to the user (telling them you're from their area), convince them of exclusivity (by telling them that your offer is only available to people in their area) or otherwise make use of geotargeted marketing very easily. Insert as many targeted locations in any format you want — even better, control their capitalization (ALL UPPER, Properly Cased, or lower case) to increase your believability.

Show and Control Exit Popups

Don't let users leave without giving it a last shot at getting their lead — unless your conversion rate is 100%, you should be showing an exit popup. Control which links, pages/posts and exit methods show these popups, easily and with no knowledge of Javascript. In 3.0, you can go as far as automatically redirecting your site after 30 seconds (or any length of time) — this allows you to "force" the user to get your affiliate cookie, to view a more forceful squeeze page, or just to re-gather their attention.

Add Location-Specific Content

Easily show blocks of content within any WordPress post or page only to users from a specific location. Many affiliate offers are only available for users within the United States or other specific, but limited countries. With this, you can show specific text on any WordPress powered site showing offers only to users that they are applicable to. Best of all, WP Smart Tools supports any level of location — country, city, state, etc. — show country-specific or city-specific content as desired.

Insert Date-Specific Content

WP Smart Tools makes it easy to show any portion of a post or page only between, before or after a specific date. This allows you to remove coupon codes when they expire, or otherwise make blocks of content "self administrating" preventing you from having to go in and tweak them over time.

Protect Your Landing Pages

Affiliate theft is a real problem. A quick save and reupload of your landing page and all your hard work can easily be destroyed through higher search engine bids, better SEO, etc. How do you stop it? Well, you can't, really. It is probably illegal, but given the international and very tenative nature of the Internet, there's not much you can do. Until now. WP Smart Tools 3.0 allows you to protect your landing pages from theft by including a small piece of Javascript that redirects the user to your original page, updates the links to point to your original affiliate link, and/or notifies you via email. You decide entirely how it works, and you do so by simply checking a few checkboxes. Its easy. Its effective. And sometimes it means you get free traffic from your thieves.

Compatible With Any WordPress Theme

WP Smart Tools comes with four bonus premium WordPress themes, however, the package is compatible with any WordPress theme as well as any other WordPress plugin.

Fully SEO Friendly

WordPress itself is one of the most search engine friendly platforms ever - search engines love blogs, and they love WordPress powered sites even more. SEO-friendly URLs, automatically generated RSS feeds (which means free backlinks by submitting your feeds to RSS directories), automatic link-pinging, and a well-designed link structure are all native features of WordPress which make it the ultimate SEO platform. WP Smart Tools is fully compatible with the All in One SEO Pack and the Platinum SEO package plugins for WordPress. These packages literally transform your site in to search engine machines. Search engine friendly landing pages get better quality scores (which means cheaper PPC traffic, watch this video for more information about how quality score effects the price of your PPC traffic) and get free traffic from relevant search rankings. Imagine getting free, highly targeted traffic to your landing page — with almost no effort — when you were previously paying $0.50 - $1.00 a click for it.

Integration With Google Maps

Easily embed a fully-featured, navigable Google Map in to any post or page, or any widgetized sidebar which points at a user's current location, or any address anywhere in the world with no HTML or Javascript knowledge required. Great for locale-specific landing pages and generic enough to show any information you like.

Full YouTube Integration

Easily embed any YouTube videos within any post or page, or within your sidebar. In personal tests, embedding a relevant YouTube video increases conversion rate significantly — with the right video, such as a review from a popular news network or a related testimonial: up to 200%!

Add a Personal Introduction

Smart Tools lets you easily add a personal introduction widget to your sidebar. A short introduction in the sidebar is a well-known and established way to build rapport with visitors and increase their trust. You can add a photo of someone, possibly yourself, and a small blurb of text introducing yourself to your visitors.

Display a Pressure Countdown

Easily insert a countdown widget to a particular (hard set) date or time or insert a countdown which starts when the user loads the page to encourage them to "hurry up."

Insert Payment Badges

Insert payment badges in the sidebar for a variety of the most common payment methods, informing your customers or potential leads the methods they can pay. This is the easiest and most accepted way of displaying accepted payment methods and WP Smart Tools makes it as easy as checking boxes for the methods you support.

Many Other Widgets

As well as the personal introduction, countdown and payment badgets widgets, there's also an easy YouTube embedding widget, one for Google Maps, one for embedding audio tracks, as well as some auxillary widgets like a "blank space widget" and a widget to add any post to your sidebar. These widgets give you the control you need over WordPress to properly build landing pages.

Fully Customizable Look-and-Feel

Being fully compatible with WordPress — you can use any theme you like with WP Smart Tools, but more specifically, you can apply formatting and customization to any WP Smart Tools feature within WordPress's user-interface. Furthermore, both dynamic dates and dynamic locations can be inserted anywhere within your theme — if you have a programmer and he has any trouble using the Smart Tools API functions, I'd be more than happy to help them with integration in to any theme or application.

Tracking Friendly

Set up Google Analytics, Tracking202, Clickheat and any other tracking software you want with just by pasting the code they give you in to WordPress. "Any software" is a promise: if you need any help setting up any third party tracking software with a Smart Tools powered site, I am more than happy to help.

Instantly download WP Smart Tools 3.0 and the bonus tools at our introductory price of $137 $117: click here to order. All orders come with a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee, free lifetime updates and lifetime technical support.

Bonus #1: Link Engine Basic - Affiliate Link Cloaking

Part of affiliate landing page development is managing your links — and chances are, you're working with tons of them. You point people to your website with a link, you point people to your affiliate offer with a link. Your visitors will see yoursite.com/hostgator instead of hostgator.com/?id=3987&affiliate=true&o=1 — making them more confident and less likely to write you off as a biased affiliate. Anyone who recognizes that you're an affiliate marketer will lose faith in your reviews, opinions and beliefs.

Link Engine is the most powerful and feature packed affiliate link cloaker available on the market. Link Engine Basic allows you to easily replace any keywords with links, cloak links, blank referrers (including Link Engine's Guaranteed Wipe system, which assures that your referrer information is never sent to the affiliate network), and geotarget your link destinations.

Using cloaked links prevents affiliate theft, increases conversion rates, and allows you more control over your landing pages. Furthermore, this Link Engine Basic can be upgraded to Link Engine for just $29.

Bonus #2: Four Tested, Highly Converting Premium Themes

In addition to the feature-packed plugin set, WP Smart Tools comes with a set four of premium WordPress themes. These themes have been modeled after successful affiliate marketing campaigns and have been proven to convert; they've been tested, tweaked, etc. already for you.

These themes are ready to use, fully customizable and can be installed on any WordPress blog. All four of the themes are Smart Tools ready, widget-integrated and compatible with any other WordPress plugin.

Bonus #3: Free Upgrades for Life

All users of WP Smart Tools are entitled to lifetime updates (and lifetime technical support!). Updates are relatively frequent and generally include all user suggestions - got a suggestion? Send me an e-mail. You can download the newest version for free at any time.

Instantly download WP Smart Tools 3.0 and the bonus tools at our introductory price of $137 $117: click here to order. All orders are delivered instantly and come with a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.


"WP Smart Tools is exactly the type of product that will make your life a lot easier, the type of product that's going to make you go 'how did I manage to survive without something like this?!?'" — Charlie

"Using Smart Tools' dates, exit popups and geolocation I increased the conversion rate on one of my LPs by 100%! So impressed." — Simon

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If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, let me know within 30 days of purchase. I will refund your purchase and you can keep the Smart Tools, as my way of saying "thanks!"

What is a flog?

A "flog," or fake blog is a generic term for a landing page that is meant to look like a blog by a consumer, but in fact is an advertisement or high-conversion landing page. "Fnews" or fake news pages are the same concept, but meant to look like a news station's website, written by a reporter. This is a common technique which converts very well. Smart Tools builds these and other landing pages quickly and easily.